Rainforest Getaway / Yoga Retreat

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Sometimes we just need to take a step back from the daily grind and re-connect with our inner-selves, so when Yoga Rhythms invited me along to their annual yoga retreat in the heart of the Glasshouse Mountain's in exchange to take some photos I simply couldn't refuse.

The incredible Glasshouse Mountains is made up of 16 steep sided volcanic plugs which have been greatly eroded by weathering over 25 millions years. The Glasshouse Mountain's Eco Lodge is set in 5 acres of garden and pristine rainforest, and is made up of a 120 year old wooden church and four train carriages.

Driving into the hinterland, I felt the calmness of the beautiful surroundings wash over me. This world wasn't filled with smart phones and busy traffic... This world was filled with balance and harmony, a peaceful energy, organic and real.

Upon arrival, we dived into a late-afternoon yoga class on deck, followed by a nourishing Ayurvedic-style dinner in the train and a self-love workshop in the church. It was great to meet and connect with so many like-minded, wise and beautiful women, all here for the same reason - to find inner-happiness and peace.

Falling asleep in my cozy space I felt so far away from home, all alone in this world of beauty and wonder.

The following day started at 6am with sunrise yoga. The mountains were the perfect backdrop for an energizing and rejuvinating morning practice. Breakfast involved warming rice porridge with almond milk, locally-grown macadamias, stewed apples and organic ginger syrup with freshly made chai tea. Yum!

After breakfast I was inspired to explore the grounds. I grabbed my camera and a buddy, and headed into the rainforest to take photos, pick Jaboticaba berries and tour the walking track.

After exploring it was time for a Buddhist meditation with Buddhist nun, a delicious Ayurvedic lunch (a lentil dish and avocado salad), an Ayurvedic beauty workshop, a cat nap and an early dinner. I was stoked when the chef made me special vegan bliss balls with a black sepote sauce for dessert (the chef was nothing short of amazing and alot of the food we ate came straight from her garden).

We finished the day with one of the highlights of my stay - drumming! We had a visit from a musician/dancer/singer guy and we all played drums in a circle before dancing the night away under the stars. Magic!

The next morning I woke up to a beautiful sight. The mountains were being engulfed by clouds. It also started to rain which only added to the peacefulness of it all. It was truly breathtaking and magical.

It was with a twinge of sadness that I packed my bags to go home, and said goodbye to the enchanting rainforest, the lodge, and to all the amazing and inspiring women I'd connected with.

My Yoga Rhythms yoga retreat was an experience I'll never forget. As I left, I felt so present and connected with Self. I learned how vital it is to appreciate the beautiful moments that life presents to us and to simply Be.

Thanks again Yoga Rhythms, and to all the wonderful women I connected with.




Copyright 2020 by Hayley Jones